Addiction affects each individual differently. Even deciding on addiction treatment programs is an individual choice. Although your detox will be a unique journey, it should start with a quality medical detox program.

Addiction Has Ravaged Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Therapist and Client Discussing Addiction Treatment ProgramsAddiction takes control over your life. You no longer control your thoughts, behaviors, or actions. Your brain structure has changed, and it affects how your brain functions. This makes you obsess over drugs and live only to gain more drugs to use.

Before becoming sober, you spend most of your day thinking about how to get more drugs or alcohol and how to use them without anyone bothering you. Addiction has made you become self-destructive, and it may have contributed to ruined relationships, lost jobs, financial issues, and other negative consequences.

It should be no surprise that the earliest days of recovery involve many physical, mental, and spiritual changes. Some of those changes may have already begun, directing you to treatment now.

You may be afraid of going through the “horrific” experience of detox that you’ve heard so much about. In reality, however, it’s not the same story as those myths you’ve heard or seen on TV. Instead, being in a quality medical detox program can help you get through early sobriety without the worst effects. Qualified professionals will be by your side 24/7 to help you get through withdrawal and begin your recovery.

Why All Addiction Treatment Programs Should Start with Detox

Detox doesn’t have to be a scary experience. After all, this is the time when you become sober after months or years of addiction. Starting you on the road to recovery is an exciting time. All addiction treatment programs must start with detox, but that detox can be comfortable, strengthening, and enlightening as you take the first steps into sobriety.

You’re likely to experience withdrawal symptoms during detox. You’ll suffer some anxiety, agitation, sweating, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. This is the reality of withdrawal.

However, a medically supervised detox setting gives you the chance to enjoy greater comfort and tranquility during withdrawal. Nutrition, hydration, and medical support are all important parts of a quality detox program. When necessary, responsible medication management may be helpful in combating unsettling symptoms.

When you get through detox, you will be physically, mentally, and spiritually refreshed. You gain empowerment for a new start through the help of available addiction treatment programs.

Detox at Spring Gardens Detox Supports You into Early Recovery

Spring Gardens Detox in Spring Hill, Florida provides you with the comfortable withdrawal experience you need to kickstart the rest of your recovery experience.

Detox services at Spring Gardens Detox include seven to ten days of comprehensive care. We provide a serene inpatient program environment to enhance your comfort during the process.

At Spring Gardens Detox, we also offer individual and group therapies to prepare you for rehab. At the same time, you can take part in shaman-led yoga classes and guided meditation, in addition to other detox therapy services. Our amenities add to your comfort through professional chef cuisine, lounging areas, housekeeping, private TVs, and compassionate 24/7 support. We also offer amino acid and pediment IV infusions to make your detox experience more comfortable.

Getting clean after addiction doesn’t have to be a negative experience. At Spring Gardens Detox in Florida, you can comfortably detox and prepare for a fresh start to your life. Call Spring Gardens Detox now at 866-244-9556 for more information. Make this call now to take your first steps into recovery.