Clinical Approach

At Spring Gardens Detox, we provide a safe, effective way for individuals to begin addiction recovery. Our caring, compassionate staff does more than just eliminate alcohol or drugs from your system. We also offer integrated counseling to help you understand your chemical addiction and change behaviors.

Individual Counseling

We offer individualized, one-on-one counseling to help our guests gain insight into their addiction, as well as foster personal growth and development. Individual therapy provides our guests with a safe environment to express their thoughts and feelings. It’s important for our guests to develop a better understanding of themselves so they can learn how to construct healthy and beneficial relationships, as well as heal from the past. Our individualized therapy solutions serve as a powerful tool to help our guests find internal healing and establish structure in their lives, away from addiction and other co-occurring disorders.

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides a safe, supportive environment where our guests can both receive support from others and give support to others. At Spring Gardens Detox, group therapy is held at least three times per day. Our guests are able to discuss painful memories and emotions, celebrate their successes, and share their goals about their own recovery process. Group therapy sessions reinforce one of the most important messages of the treatment process – that they are not alone in their experiences with addiction and that other individuals share similar problems and struggles.

Family Therapy

In addition to individual and group therapy, we also offer family therapy sessions. Successful treatment often incorporates the family of our guests since family issues can contribute to and perpetuate addiction. It is also true that addiction does not just affect our guests, but it affects their families as well. The health of one’s family can play a major role in the success of recovery. In these sessions, the family can learn methods to improve their ability to respond appropriately to their loved one’s use, as well as improve the mental and physical state of the entire family unit.