Man Who Attended Our Luxury Detox CenterIf you were to seek medical help for cancer, diabetes, or another debilitating condition, would you prefer a luxurious setting or a cold, clinical environment? When considering assistance for substance abuse, which is also a chronic disease, why would you do it differently? Learn more about our luxury detox center in Florida.

Privacy and Safety Are Our Top Priorities

At our gated, 4.5-acre facility, our spacious atmosphere removes distractions that might otherwise make it difficult for you to concentrate on recovery. It’s ideally suited for clients who value privacy. Our Florida detox center also features shaded gazebos and patios that let you enjoy sunrises and sunsets.

Inside Our Luxury Detox Facility

Our detox staff at Spring Gardens Detox believes in a whole-person approach to designing addiction treatment programs. They understand that detoxification affects the mind, body, and spirit. To facilitate this level of healing, our experts created a therapeutic setting that includes:

  • Hypnotherapy that assists clients with changing troublesome behaviors or patterns
  • Guided meditation to help you with focusing on healing and goal setting
  • Massage therapy that counteracts sore muscles and helps toxins leave the body quickly
  • Medically supervised sauna therapy that assists with toxin removal and relaxation
  • In-house nutritionist care that results in made-to-order meals supporting your physiological health and well-being

Of course, facility managers recognize that today’s wired society has added needs for creating comforts. You can enjoy access to private flat-screen televisions and wireless headphones to let listen to your shows. In-home Wi-Fi lets you stay on top of your emails and gaming. In-room phones allow for contact with family members and loved ones.

All of our clients’ rooms have a resort-style look and feel. Tasteful artwork and ambiance lighting make the rooms and lounges appear generous and welcoming. Attractive furnishings invite you to sit down and have a conversation or read a book. Housekeeping sees to it that the setting retains its pristine cleanliness and appeal.

Luxury Applies to Treatments and Services

Many facilities offer a medically supervised detoxification. At Spring Gardens Detox, our experts anticipate problems before they arise. Dr. Tanveer Chaudhry, who brings more than 20 years of experience in addiction medicine to the table, heads our program. Techs, who are on duty around the clock, know what to look for when monitoring vitals.

Therapists work with you to set goals for your recovery and then help you strive to reach them. They offer amino acid and pediment IV infusions to maintain your well-being during withdrawal symptoms. If needed, they provide methadone in high doses to support a pain-free detox experience. Our professionals care about your comfort and want to make your stay as productive, relaxing, and conducive to healing as possible.

Are You Ready to Experience Our Luxury Detox Center in Person?

People don’t believe that it’s possible to break a physiological dependence on a drug in a few days. Typically, it takes about seven to 10 days to overcome this part of addiction. When you consider how little time this takes, the promise of long-term sobriety is well worth the effort.

Why suffer for even another day with a substance abuse problem that leads to pain? Whether you’ve been suffering from addiction for decades, years, or months, our detox services can be your way out. Call Spring Gardens Detox today at 866-244-9556 for help.