A residential detox experience provides safety, security, and comfort during drug and alcohol withdrawal so you can prepare your body and mind for rehabilitation. In this type of detox program, you live at the facility from the beginning to the end of your withdrawal symptoms.

How Residential Detox Can Prepare You for Rehab

Counseling at Our Residential Detox FacilityResidential detox cleanses your body of alcohol and drugs. Many people fear withdrawal, so much that they avoid getting the help they need. However, by entering a residential detox program, professionals will keep you as comfortable as possible during this important phase of treatment.

Support and guidance during the detox process are critical for helping you to stay on track. In a residential program, you’re never alone on your journey through withdrawal.

Residential detox helps you:

  • Make solid plans for your future
  • Distance yourself from negative influences
  • Identify your triggers, so you can work toward overcoming them
  • Enlist the support you need from your loved ones
  • Figure out ways to live in your community without exposing yourself to temptation
  • Gain help for cleaning your car and residence of drugs, alcohol, and paraphernalia
  • Recognize the negative effects of substances in your life for greater resolve in recovery
  • Build up energy for rehab and your new life

Gain Strength and Wellness in Detox

Detox isn’t just a place for cleaning drugs and alcohol from your body. As you go through detox, you’ll also gain physical strength. Good nutrition, hydration, and rest help your body start rebuilding for what is ahead in your journey. You’ll use this strength for rehab, where you’ll learn how to keep a relapse from occurring.

As you have used drugs and alcohol, your body has become depleted of essential nutrients. The absence of these nutrients has caused you to experience low efficiency in thinking. You also make bad decisions, suffer mood problems, and have generally poor health because of your lack of nutrition.

Professionals of residential detoxification programs provide well-balanced meals as part of 24-hour support. As your body gains the nutrients it has needed so badly, you start looking healthier, feeling better, and making the right decisions for your life.

Spring Gardens Detox in Spring Hill, Florida

Spring Gardens Detox in Spring Hill, Florida provides the residential detoxification you need to start rebuilding your life after addiction. Our detox therapies effectively treat your mind, body, and soul through individual and group treatment.

Our detox services include:

For spiritual and physical wellness, Spring Gardens Detox offers yoga and meditation under the guidance of a registered Shaman. Massage therapy, hypnotherapy, and a medically supervised sauna help you to heal your body, mind, and soul through science and therapeutic touch.

Amenities of Spring Gardens Detox include private televisions, Bluetooth headsets, professional chefs, housekeeping, patio areas, lounges, and beautiful grounds.

If you or someone you love are tired of the stressful cycle of addiction, your recovery starts at Spring Gardens Detox. Call us now at 866-244-9556.